well the problem i am talking abt is universal among the web developers, i suppose. so when i make page lot of time and head is consumed while checking it under different browsers. i use topstyle pro for this purpose but i am still not satsfied. i dont want to use other editor(right now i use dw mx2004+homesite+55+WeBuilder2006) since they may lack other features. so i would like to know names of some utilities which could help me through this specific problem. names of some good softwares which are allrounder in this issue i.e. html+this prob.+js+css+........+etc.. would also be appreciated.

Hmmm, probably not a particularly useful response... but I'll throw it in anyways...

If you stick to basic CSS, and ensure that you use valid code and a correct DocType, you should get near to 95% compatibility for different Browsers and OS.

I only test on Windows IE6, MFF 1.1+ and NN6 (orNN7!).
If I can get it right in NN, it seems to work on most other platforms/browsers.

Once you leave the path os "standard", you start hitting major problems.

So don't!

You'd be amazed what happens if you applypadding to a parent instead of margins to a child!
Applying display:block to Span or to flaoted elements helps keep IE in shape, as does using vertical-align: // line-height // height-width etc.

And avoid Hacks (so many people are now facing the problem of MS actually fixing bugs with IE7, so half the sites are now Knacked!!!).

I am serious too, simple, basic coding and styling can work wonders... as will expanding you hands on knowledge of Floats, Absolute, Relative and Default behaviours whilst creating content flow!

Leave the programs behind... I can manually design, cut up and create a page design in 24 Hours... and it will work on most if not all browsers... don't rely on software - use your brain and common sense, more reliable, and you should normally carry it with you :)
(apart from Wednesdays, when I leave mine at the Cleaners ;) )

Push comes to shove....

CSS Discuss
A List apart
Position is Everything
Mandarin Design
I will also add "SitePoint"... just don't take "Everything" as gospel.

Well, good luck

thanx for help, but probably i wanted some software that could help me to check my page simultaneously under different browser so that i cold see the difference or a editor which could tell me which property works in which browser such as TopStyle . . . since i have use a bulk of css error may surely creep in. I never used such tools earlier and i totally rely upon text based editors for my page, but sometimes i want some software which could make my work fast, very fast so that i could save some time for anything else:cheesy:.


For me, I like to test in Firefox first then IE. Then the rest if time permits. If you check your stats program for your sites these 2 browsers probably make up for 95% of visits.


I am not a web developer but I am a Online Project Manager. Even though, my developers know they have comply with W3C standards, it would be nice to have a tool to do a cross-browsing compatibility check. Imagine, how good will it be to display the same page in different browsers at the same time, rather than openning a browser, then openning another one, etc.

If any of you guys know about a tool like this, please let me know. I am surprise that I haven't seen many tools available apart from www.browsercam.com and www.browserpool.com. But still, they don't fit my needs entirely.

Ah, well, to my knowledge, there is no such thing!

Which I must admit - SUCKS

Still, if ever you find such a piece of kit, please come back to this thread and post it... it owuld be worth paying for... well, worth paying some for ;)