Hello everybody! I have shocking news, a design that is working in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome is showing up wierd in Internet Explorer!

First of all I validated my HTML and CSS, no issues there. The page works perfectly fine in Firefox and Safari, but has some quirks in IE. If you look at the following link in IE:


You will notice that the background image is not tiling all the way along the bottom of the screen. Also the content is a bit displaced upwards. Here is what I was trying to accomplish:

-have a fluid layout that would expand and contract to fit different resolutions or if somebody resizes their browser window
-have that frame always present around the edge of the screen and fixed in place
-content will scroll within the frame, rather than the frame expanding vertically to accommodate content.

The css for the above file can be found here:

Eternal gratitude to anyone with suggestions.

I'm not having any problems in IE. Which version? When I view them side by side they are exactly the same thing.

Hi lonestar, actually I fixed the problem with IE, I just specified an IE specific style sheet to fix it. I was then having a in issue with Safari but that's working now too. :)