i am a newbie flash designer. a client has asked me to make modifications in a flash file used on his website. it is flash 8 actionscript. i am currently working on the same and would appreciate your help. the client has given me 'divisions.swf' file which i decompiled using sothink decompiler 4.5 build 90120 to '~divisions original.fla'. the xml folder resides in the same folder as ~divisions original.fla. it contains divisions.xml. you can download these files at http://rapidshare.com/files/257100523/space_after_text_when_scroll_to_bottom.zip

i discovered a problem - if you view 'divisions.swf' - when you click on 'retail visual solutions'and scroll to the bottom, you can see that there is no space after the text. the end of the text aligns with the end of the scrollbar. but when you click on eyesite, and scroll to the bottom, you can see that there is space after the text. the end of the text does not align with the end of the scrollbar.

please help me to resolve this problem.

my additional questions are:
has the creator of the swf file used some unique scrollbar code or is this scrollbar provided in flash itself. in this case, i can read a tutorial to understand it better.

i have given 'is correct - no space at bottom of text.jpg' and 'is incorrect - space at bottom of text.jpg' to further explain my query.

please tell me if i have explained my problem properly or further clarifications are needed.

This one was pretty straightforward...

Take a look at divisions.xml

If you look at the entry for "Eyesite" you can see that the "[CDATA[" tag at the start of the line hasn't been closed properly at the end.
The line currently ends with:

in an effective manner.</Option>

The end of this line of xml should read:

in an effective manner.]]></Option>

That will solve your extra space issue for this file....

In answer to your scrollbar question, the scrollbar appears to have been created by the original author of this .swf, created entirely from scratch. So it's not a standard flash UI scrollbar component.

Cheers for now,

commented: completely solved my problem +1

many thanks, jasonhippy. you are a real life saver. i would like to clarify that i have spent many long hours trying to solve all the changes/problems with the flash and am only posting here as a last resort because of looming deadlines.