Hi there! This is my first time threading in this community.

I'm new to CSS and HTML but think it's a great skill to have and through my job have acquired the responsibility of 'pimping' our myspace, or rather .... making it into a professional business page rather than just a myspace using other peoples pre-determined settings.

I know bits and bobs of CSS, but want to know if anyone has any tips on removing the 'soandso is in your extended network' and how to get rid of the stuff that says what star sign you are and your date of birth and whether you are single or not.

I also want some more information on personalising the features (such as the section that allows you to add them as a friend, send them a message etc)

and also how to add icons that you click on that becomes a link to another site.

In a nutshell ... I know I'm asking a lot. Do I need some kind of program or is it all about setting the style sheet myself?


I love you guys

N xxx

Well first and foremost I wouldn't consider MySpace the best place for a professional business website. However, you don't need any programs to style MySpace it just involves taking hold of the already available classes or using exact selectors ie., a[href^="/blah"]{color:red} sets all links that link to a page beginning with /blah to be red

View the source code on the page. Find the class name you want to modify and assign css to it. Here's an example:

//This is the source code:
<span class="blacktext12">
                            <span id="ctl00_Main_ctl00_UserNetwork1_ctrlMessage">bill is in your extended network</span>

Now assign some css properties to that class:

span.blacktext12 {
visibility:visible !important; 
background-image:url("http://www.domainname/picname.jpg"); background-repeat:no-repeat; 
display:block !important;

The same goes for the contact table.

Thanks so much, I think it's gonna take a while to get my head around this language!
btw, it's not our ONLY website, this is just another networking tool that connects to our other professional website.

Cheers x

Those items you want to remove are part of the MySpace portion of the page, not the portion you write. You can't change them, because they are added by MySpace at the time someone opens the page in their browser.