I have an index.html page with a iframe on it. Inside the iframe displays music.html, where music.html has an embedded media player that plays a song. The idea behind this set up is to have the song play continuously without restarting when navigating to a new page. My issue now is how to get a new page to load with the iframe at its last state (i.e. the media player is still playing without being restarted, but on my contact.html and not index.html. Shorter version, once the song starts, it keeps playing unless the user press stop on the player or the web page is closed, and the media player is inside an iframe. Any help is REALLY APPRECIATED!!

p.s. I know some people think its a bad idea to use music and frames, etc..... but I really need opinions on how to do it and not opinions on why I shouldnt do it. TKS!!

Hi there, I'm not sure if what you're asking for is possible. The way I understand it to work is if you take a page (index.html) and reload it, it also reloads all of it's child elements including the iframe and the page to which the iframe is linked.

A workaround for this would be putting your music player in the top-level page, and then making your users work inside an iframe in that page, because when the go to the next page from the iframe, only the iframe will reload and your top-level page will stay the same (ie keep on playing the song).

Tks for the reply, but after thinking about it, I too figured that I would have to change the set up of my index page. However, in the mist of doing so, I stumbled upon a site that detailed how to make an xspf player in flash with an autoresume function. It works like a charm. I will post the link below for anyone else who wants to use iframes or just want to know an easy way to continuously play music throughout your site.

Thanks again