My problem is the opposite to most image problems. I have just downloaded my web site [not designed by me] into Expression Web2, which I have just purchased. However I cannot get the images or styles to show although they all show perfectly on the published web site.

I have tried downloading again and synchronising, all to no avail.

I then looked at the code and compared it to the code from the same page which I downloaded a month or so ago which displays correctly in ‘expression web’. I cannot read or write HTML but noticed the following:-

on the original it read for example:-
<link href="style.css", whereas the one which would not work read <link href="../style.css"

likewise with the images for example on the one that worked read:-
<a href="enquiry.htm"<>img src="images/contacttop.gif"

whereas the other read:-
<a href="../enquiry.htm"<>img src="../images/contacttop.gif"

How did the ../ get into all the links so they did not work on the local site although they still worked on the remote? What does ../ mean?

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../ means "up one directory". My suspicion is that during your download process it would have arranged your files in such a way that the images were in the parent directory of the html. Just look on your file structure and make sure the images are there, if not move the images or change the links.

I use expression web myself...

- Make sure the folder on your computer recreates the file structure in your public_html directory so your site will display properly when checking it locally.

- Edit the all the links in the html so that they correspond to the directory structure. Which will probably just mean going through and removing all the ../ so if its an image it should be "images/image.jpg" if its a stylesheet it should be either "style.css" or "style/style.css" (if you have several style sheets and have grouped them in their own folder) for example.

Save and reupload your website and you will have no problems int the future.

This happens when a browser does the downloading to a folder.

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