Hey everyone! I'm making a website, and was wanting to add a comment box, but don't know the codes. I'm not really new to HTML, but I'm new enough to not know it, and I'd really appreciate like a step by step code thing, not just a copy and paste because I wouldn't really learn it that way. Well, a copy and paste would work but still haha. Thanks all!

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I use http://disqus.com/

if your just interested in learning how to create a comment box then I would suggest you look into a PHP solution for it. Despite knowing how to create a comment box, I found disqus a very great addition to my site.

Comment boxes are something that requires a programming language, not something you can do completely HTML and CSS. A lot of web frameworks and CMS have comment box options build in that you might find useful as well.


Sweet! Thanks for the help everyone, it's much appreciated

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