I- obviously- don't know how I got it, but apparently I changed something I shouldn't have.... for a week or so I've had a wierd issue in IE & FF, like there's a column being added to the right of my main content. Unless I use overflow:hidden, when you scroll to the right- an area where there is no content- it looks (depending on browser), like the header, the background, or both "ran out".
I'm new at this, but I'm a good researcher. Besides the books, ALA, w3, and every other website known to man, I've been trying the hit-and-miss approach, systematically recording changes. Which is how I solved the last conflict, and how I probably caused this one!

The website isn't even done, but it's driving me nuts, so I uploaded it, hoping someone can help.

All I put up was the main page, the bracelets page- which is how almost all the 2nd-level pages are set up- and the first row of bracelets (and relevant files).

I'm obsessing and would really appreciate any help you all can offer.


PS- stop laughing at all my  s!!!

Never mind!!! I opened the css file, closed my eyes, punched a bunch of keys, and fixed it. (Okay, it wasn't that ugly, but it wasn't pretty, either!) Going to upload the fix (or take down the site) now. Thanks for looking at the post, anyway., it's a great forum!