Hi. I normally code my html and css code on knoppix version 3.9 (linux OS). Konqueror, the web browser in knoppix responds well to all css tags I give it and the web page looks good.
When I open the same web page with internet explorer on xp all my divisions are rearranged in a way I did not define. Is there a simple tag to stop this in either html or css.

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There's no "simple tag". Quite a few things can go wrong when you look at a page developed using one browser in another browser ( it shouldn't be the case, but it is ). The best method for ensuring you don't get this problem is to look at the site in multiple browsers while developing it, and address/learn from each problem as it arises.

On Linux, you can install Wine and IES4Linux ( http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page ) to get an old ( version 6.0 ) of Internet Explorer running. You should really test in other popular browsers ( Firefox, Opera, Safari ) aswell.

You can also make sure that the page is written using "standards-compliant" (X)HTML/CSS/etc... although, this will help you less than actually seeing the site in each browser and working out what things/combinations of things work acceptably everywhere.

All browsers apply a default stylesheet to your page. Unfortunately, they don't all use the same stylesheet. Take a look at No Margin For Error, which explains why each browser displays the web page slightly different. The easiest way to get around this is to reset your styles at the top of the stylesheet (especially margin and border). Then apply styles as normal.

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