I haven't found any forum where I felt this woud fit so I hope this is not too much off-topic.

I'm looking for a tool to help design the structure of a website to be built. I want to be able to clearly communicate what will be contained in the site when it is finished with the use of diagrams.

Thanks for any hints! :)

Well, I would do it all with photoshop and have everything else (like css and html) vaguely in my head to start with. It is a very lengthy process though just to show how you want it to be built.

Is it so you can pass this on to somebody else who will then build the site or will you be building it yourself using this as a guide line?

Something like fireworks might be a bit quicker at this actually if you learn how to use it well.

You should use dream weaver..

Fireworks and Photoshop are definitely not good for this purpose.

What I'm looking for is a simpler (cheaper) option for MS Visio 2007, this one really rocks.

The sites are built by myself.
I use the models both as a guide to myself (good systems require good models) and to discuss the overall thing with the client before starting to code (usually I use a simpler version for this).

For DB modelling I use MySQL Workbench 5.0 OSS.


Fireworks and Photoshop are definitely not good for this purpose.

Dreamweaver is definitely not the answer. I'm not sure microsoft visio is intended for web design style things?

Oh now i get it!

I wasn't to sure what you meant by structure? Do you mean physically structure (design wise) or the data flow structure / coding structure? By the looks of it, you have posted this in the wrong forum. May I suggest you repost in one of the coding based forums on this page http://www.daniweb.com/forums/forum31.htm

I was more refering towards the interface design with photoshop. I see what you mean now though.

After a quick google:

Try this link: http://www.osalt.com/visio and http://dia-installer.de/index_en.html

Let us know how you get on.

The real tools are xhtml and css. Everything else just comes up with approximations of what you want, and tries to write code in these two languages. The code is not always good.

Even Microsoft Word can make web pages. But the code is horrible.


I don't think he wants to create the webpage from visio (or an equivalent) just a design of the data flow and possibly page structure. Not actually export any of this into a web page.

Use Wireframes , it helps you draw the skeleton of the website

Download a good dreamweaver template as per ur need and edit it.
U can use photoshop as a picture editing tool.This will quicken your website designing.

I think you should try vectrasys.com for structure design tool.I am not sure but hope this is useful link for you..

You need to use Rapid Prototyping Tools to wireframe the layout and content of the pages... Many tools available, some web-based, some desktop application... how big is the site?

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