when i view an internal web page i have created in IE it doesnt do the same as it does in FireFox.

I have an iFrame that loads a page by default that page has the two div listed below called to centre the text both vertically and horizontially and it appears that firefox does that as there is a margin around the chart but IE does not instead everything is at the top

please help somebody

	text-align: center;
	position: absolute;
	top: 50%;
	left: 0px;
	width: 100%;
	height: 1px;
	overflow: visible;
	visibility: visible;
	display: block

	background-color: transparent;
	margin-left: -491px;
	position: absolute;
	top: -245px;
	left: 50%;
	width: 982px;
	height: 490px;
	visibility: visible
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What version of IE are you using?

I would put in a dimension for the height attribute of the iframe tag.

Ex. height: 50%

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