Hey guys, having a bit of a problem with validating some really basic strict html forms. Below (in the code tags) are the validators comments.

character data is not allowed here

<option value="d" />d/ Talking</option>

end tag for element "option" which is not open

<option value="d" />d/ Talking</option>

Then a lot of parsing errors. Someone mentioned something about fieldset or something ? but i haven't included and dont know what that is. Its just a really simple form radio buttons, dropdown box, checkbox and a text box. Help would be really appreciated.

Hey beforetheyknew,

Try omitting the "/" in the opening tag:

<option value="d">d/ Talking</option>

If that doesn't fix your problem, post the code for the entire form (beginning with <form> and ending with </form> ) and we'll break it down from there.

lol thanks a lot man, didn't see that, just needed another set of eyes. I kept lookin at the slash there: 'd/'. Thanks