Hi Everyone,

Sorry for my ignorance, but I am a little knew at this!

I am creating a website for my diving club, as part of the club we have a dive boat that can fit 8 people on it.

I firstly want to be able to create an area on our site which says the date and where we will be diving at the weekend (usualy 1 dive on saturday and 1 on sunday so two tables will be needed).

Then I want to create an area that people can type their name into to take a space on the boat, this will then update the list until the boat is full (8 people).

I guess it would be good it they could delete themselves aswell should their wifes tell them they are not allowed to go!!

Can anyone tell me the best & easiest way of doing this!

Thank you in advance, Alex

You were wrong forum. Maybe PHP or any programming forum that you should go.

i can't think of a way of doing this without some programming involved.

You could use a google calendar and save yourself a bit of effort. Only problem there is that people can jump the queue by deleting someone if the list is full.

So I too suspect that overall you want a simple MySQL database and some PHP programming to allow people to add their names to the list, a secure login for the admin to enter the dive location and date, and to count the number of names for a given date and either display the data entry form or a sorry boat full message. Members might need a secure login to keep out troublesome scammers. Not difficult to do at all, if you play with databases and php regularly.

You might want to look at the business exchange part of the forum.

As I'm new here, I don't want to break any rules by making an offer to do paid work until I'm more familiar with the way the forum runs.