a website is made up of many components like logo, menu system, news scroller, flash image slider etc etc. take a menu system - earlier we used to search at random on google for free scripts to make menus. then we discovered top professional software like sothink dhtml menu which gave us fantastic looking menus with minimum coding effort. my question is - where can i get a list of top notch professional industry standard software for each component of a website. i hope my question is clear. ask me for any clarification. thank you in advance for your time and efforts.

well you could actually get a free content mangement system which will probably have modules that are easy to configure depending on what you want the website to do. If you want commercial go ahead and pay for it.tey this url and test out some open source CMS's Open Source Cms

I have used many products from Web Assist that integrate with Dreamweaver with great success. I started with the Web Designer Suite but quickly up sized to the Super Suite (I guess the term should be "super-sized") AND.. if you order ASAP you can get 50% off!