Here is my problem:
I have a checkbox and text input elements inside the same ID.
I need checkbox to be 20px wide and textbox - 200px wide.
I have this:

#check input {
	border:solid 1px #afd45a;
	margin:2px 10px 10px 6px;

What's my solution should be for the textbox?

Here is my HTML

<div id = "check">
		<input type="checkbox" id="patent" name="patent" value="Y" /> 
		<label for="patent">US Patent (patent number):</label>
		<input type="text" id="patentnum" name="patentnum" />
#check #patentnum { width: 200px; }
#check #patentnum { width: 200px; }

So simple and never occurred to me!
Thank you! It worked.