Hey, Please help. I have designed my site using Corel Draw X3 then published to html. I then imported the files to Dreamweaver with no problem. Site is working great except that i need the page to automatically adjust to whatever res the user is on to fit the page correctly in the centre. I dont know much about designing in code. I am a graphic designer, so please use very explicit directions on what to do . LOL...thanx Webpage is www.adsonwire.co.za

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There are a few ways to do this. The best is to create a div tag and then list it in your css file as center. If you do a quick check on google the first few answers are the best.


you can center horizontally. You can not center things vertically in a practical way that works on all browsers and computers.

Stop thinking of a webpage as a screenful or as a sheet of paper. Think of it as a scroll.


if you are trying to center horizontally just use css. margin-right:auto; margin-left:auto;

If you are trying to center vertically then I guess my only advice is to quit since it's not possible. Cheers!

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