Hey, Please help. I have designed my site using Corel Draw X3 then published to html. I then imported the files to Dreamweaver with no problem. Site is working great except that i need the page to automatically adjust to whatever res the user is on to fit the page correctly in the centre. I dont know much about designing in code. I am a graphic designer, so please use very explicit directions on what to do . LOL...thanx Webpage is www.adsonwire.co.za

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There are a few ways to do this. The best is to create a div tag and then list it in your css file as center. If you do a quick check on google the first few answers are the best.

and get rid of the graphic maps
they work wonderfully, as,
great way to keep yourself out of google

you can center horizontally. You can not center things vertically in a practical way that works on all browsers and computers.

Stop thinking of a webpage as a screenful or as a sheet of paper. Think of it as a scroll.

if you are trying to center horizontally just use css. margin-right:auto; margin-left:auto;

If you are trying to center vertically then I guess my only advice is to quit since it's not possible. Cheers!

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