I'll try to explain this the best I can. If I stop making sense, sorry.

I downloaded a template from templatemonster.com and now am running into problems with the template.
I understand how to edit and change pictures and text. My problem is I'm having trouble finding things. In the library, I've already changed every company name to Lovas. But when I test the site, it still has the original company name that was on the template over Lovas.

Other things are confusing me too, but if this is cleared up, it'll help me a lot.

Sorry if I don't make sense.

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Taking things right back to the beginning and assuming that there was at least a README or something. Have you read any of the documentation that shipped with the template? That would be my first port of call. Any decent template should come with detailed instructions on how to modify it. Or at least, one would expect it to! It's pretty shoddy if it didn't!

Also, I'm afraid that without seeing some source code, nobody here is going to be able to help you very much. And because the template is somebody elses work and therefore most likely covered by copyright (unless it's under a CC licence or something similar), you're not going to be allowed to post the source here either.

If you're having real problems, it would probably be best to either contact templatemonster or the author of the template for support.

So my advice is this:
1. Make a backup of the original template.
2. Read through any documentation that came with the template.
3. Carefully follow any instructions for modifying the template.
4. If there is no documentation, or you are having too much trouble, contact templatemonster or the author of the template for support.

Regarding the library, anything that appears in the final swf will be somewhere in the library. If you methodically trawl through the entire library and carefully replace any relevant assets you should be able to replace all of the bits you need to.

It might also be worth taking a look at the actionscript in the fla to see if there are any places where the original company's name is hard-coded, you can then replace it with your company's name.

Also look through the source code for any external files used by the template (XML, .fla's for external swfs, HTML etc.)

Other than that, I'm pretty much out of ideas!

Cheers for now,

First of all you will check your connection with your new company name tag. main problem is that there is no connection between database and your design view, so first you will change your design properties as per your database then in last save design template and then run it.

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