Can any one please guide me how to create an interactive map of any country in FLASH? Or if you can suggest any other software for this purpose?

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I'm also after the same thing - can anyone help? I have very basic flash knowledge and currently using CS4

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Nice find.

I have created few interactive maps using iMapbuilder, you can download a free trial from their website (http://www.imapbuilder.com), it comes with map templates which you can use instantly, and then add links, icons, clickable points to the map with mouseover text, etc.

The best way to understand any kinda sense of FLASH first u need to observe the tutorials specially those which u can find at their official site in tutorial section.
every one would give u his/her idea but u need make ur own mind and in own ways that's how u can learn FLASH better

I agree with Aadil, you can try tutorial for what you need seach in google their is thousands of tutorial these help you

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