I have been creating a website and once I added a link to some of the image I would get a little space at the bottom of everyone that has a link and the ones that are just images are fine. Here is a picture to explain more .. Example I was told by some people that it was the CSS but I messed around with the CSS for some time and havent found the answer yet. So I was hoping some one could help me get rid of the space.

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I am sorry from this image is difficult to say what you are talking about. :confused:
Are you toking about border which is automaticaly apply to image if works as a link or you wish to create some empty surounding space about image, I dont't know. You have to give as better example or better explaination/description of what you are looking for.


ya that seamed to work cscgal for FireFox but for some reason it is the same in Internet Explorer, would you know why that might be ??

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