hi people

im doing my final year B.E with CSE. im very much interested in web designing.
hav to start my project now.can i get ur ideas related to design.

I'll start by saying your request is VERY vague, but I'll do what I can with it :P

What I'm going to do is give a general "do's and don'ts" list based on my own experience (keep in mind opinions vary and this is not a definitive list).


  • Ensure that your background is tasteful and simple. There's nothing worse than a flashy overblown background to distract from your site content. Don't be afraid to be creative with your background to some degree but remember it's a background, not the center of attention.
  • Ensure that your images and other multimedia content are of reasonable file size. This cuts down on page load time for slower connections and improves user experience. Some people have an unfortunate habit of having images that are much larger than they are being displayed (ie: a 300px x 300px image being constrained to 50px x 50px) and it is simply unnecessary to have the added filesize if you're not going to make use of the extra resolution.
  • Don't go overboard on 'bells and whistles'. It's one thing to provide appropriate multimedia content to present your idea/product but if there's too much going on in the page it can again be distracting to your audience.
  • Try to keep your site well organized. Ensure that navigation structures remain uniform throughout the site to eliminate confusion for your users. Try to keep the number of steps required to get from point A to point B to a minimum. There's nothing worse than having to go through 10 pages to get to a piece of information that could have been linked from a sub-menu system off of the index.


  • Unless absolutely necessary (ie: linking to a dynamic logo for a service you are using for your site) do NOT piggyback your content from outside sites. This is considered (at the least) rude and can be construed as theft/misuse of their intellectual property. Also, trusting the reliability of source content that is not locally hosted and controlled on your own hosting platform is risky.
  • Unless your hosting plan provides sufficient bandwidth and storage capacity it is a good idea not to provide files for download directly from your site. Often this sort of site would require a dedicated hosting plan which is substantially more costly than a standard shared hosting plan. Without sufficient bandwidth, a file hosting service can cause substantial reduction in site performance for your users.
  • If developing web-applications for your site, do not store sensitive information (such as passwords/logins) anywhere on your web-root directory. Such information is generally best stored in a database or in a protected file/program class in a directory not publicly accessible by visitors. (Note: the exception here is web.config for database connection strings, however I personally still prefer not to have connection string information there either)

I'm sure there's much more I could add here but these are just some of the general design 'rules' that I live by when putting together web content.

Hope it helps :)