I cant get the topleft.jpg to show up in my main document. Can u help me correct this code?

<div id="rightColumn">
		<div id="tBorder">
			<div id="bBorder">
				<div id="lBorder">
					<div id="rBorder">
						<div id="tlCorner">

							<div id="trCorner">
		<div id="brCorner">						<div id="blCorner">
									<div id="brCorner">
										<div id="boxContent">
.tlCorner  {display: url(topleft.jpg) no-repeat top left}

Currently the .tlcorner is the id of the div and not the actual image - you would have to either place the image in the div, assign it a specific id and style or set it as the background of the .tlcorner div

your code reads like you want it as the background, if so then try this.

  background-image:url(topleft.jpg) no-repeat top left;
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The above post is close but the css is targetting an element with a class name of t1corner not a div with an id of t1corder.

  background-image:url(topleft.jpg) no-repeat top left;