Any way to get a *cheap* full version of Dreamweaver CS5? Or maybe CS3 or CS4?

I'm using an ooooooooold Dreamweaver 4 (basically for landing pages) and it's a 10 years old software!

Well, Dw CS5 sells for US$399 on Adobe's website, Creative Suite 5 Web Premium for US$1,799.

You might be able to find a discounted copy of CS4 at a software retailer but as CS5 is the current offering from Adobe I don't suspect you'll get any discounts on it anywhere ;)

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I use MX2004 on occasion. It does everything I need. Although, I mainly use it as a glorified text editor and FTP client. You really need to upgrade? HTML/CSS hasn't changed that much has it? Sorry if I'm sounding pedantic.

I prefer Notepad++ or jEdit (both free). Their plug-ins make them extremely powerful and helpful for web development, as well as other development languages.