Hello, I recently constructed my first website for a friend using
Sharepoint designer. Everything seemed to go well except
when I click a link then click home again the webpage shifts position.

Here is the site


Click "About" then "Home" repeatedly to see the problem.

Anyone know what is causing this?



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In the source of the homepage you have P tags with a width larger than 900px. The table is only 900px wide, so I think you should remove the width on the P tag to solve this.

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pritaeas is absolutely correct. You have inline styles on most of your p tags, which are above 900px.

You could try something like this (untested)


Probably won't work in ie6 though.

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Or you should do it the way everyone else does, create a wrapper div around the content and give the div the width. Then every paragraph inside that div will be constrained to that width. It's not normal to give the p tag a wdith.

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For the last few years, the site was maintained using Microsoft FrontPage 2003®. When it was decided to completely revise the site in 2007, one of the prime motivators was to move to being fully standards-based (XHTML and CSS). But the reasons for updating the site were not only technical.

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