Hi, I'm a fairly good Java programmer, but I have basically no web development experience. I'm posting in the html forum because I know it is the most basic, but I'm sure there are other necessary tools to accomplish this task, please let me know what they are.

I want to create a website that will have the following features (these should be fairly simple?):

-One section where the site admin can post pictures. Anyone visiting the site should be able to view these pictures in two formats: "Fullscreen" where the image fills the entire screen, and "next" and "back" can be clicked to go to other fullscreen pictures, and "icon" where all the images are shown (or a good amount per page are shown) as smaller versions of themselves.

-One section where the admin can post articles. Site visitors should be able to flip from one article to the next, and view a listing of article topics and choose an article from there.

PHP is not completely necessary, but it can be useful. You could also do the page with AJAX, so it would be useful to learn JavaScript and XML.

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You'll be better off using third party scripts. Probably best not to reinvent the wheel. The functionality can be produced by php without js/ajax or by js/ajax without php. Howeber, most 3rd party scripts (the good ones) use both technologies. A basic understanding of each would be beneficial. One good thing is that js and pHp are very similar (well, I think so anyway). I found HighSlide to be pretty good for this - a typical LightBox app.