I have a small problem, don't know if you can help at all. I have have upgraded to the latest version of spry and created my spry menu in Dreamweaver CS3. It works great in firefox, but in IE7 the drop down menu jumps up to the top of the browser window, instead of below the menu bar.

When I check using the browser compatibility function in CS3, I get a message "Expanding Box Problem" with the following lines of code highlighted:

<li><a href="testimonials extra.html">Extra</a></li>
<li><a href="testimonials defender.html">Defender II</a></li>

Here is link to the site, so you can take a look


Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated ?


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Strange. I have IE8 and it seemed to work fine. I assume the only dropdown is on the "Testimonials" tab? Thats the only one I saw anyway. Not sure.

Yes, that's correct, Testimonials is the only drop down. I don't have IE8 at the moment, only IE7 as I'm sure many people still do, so would really appreciate any help in sorting this problem out. Thanks for taking the time. Bill

without seeing your code...and checking google, have you changed some style rules for the menu? I did a google and found a similar post and mention tinkering with the width in the style sheet.

I prviously used a rollover menu with different colour images, but when I needed a drop down, changed to the spry version you now see. I have not changed the size or position of the menu div, or consciously altered anything to do with styles, I just deleted all the old menu images to leave the menu div empty and followed the process for creating the spry menu and adjusted the size of the elements to fit the div.

When I did this, it all worked perfectly, first time in FireFox, but when I tried it in IE7, that was when I noticed the problem. If you tell me exactly what code you would like to see, I'll copy and paste into a reply for you. Thanks again. Bill

Well to be honest I dont know if I could help you any further...lol I did see another similar post here:


Not sure if that helps much, but someone here I know will help you further. Good luck!


thanks anyway. Cheers

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