Setting up a website, what would be the best program for a Template? the widest source of different Templates, i no that Dreamweaver has a few options... any others??

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What you should do is use templates for Content Management Systems and not just from a program like DW. Try integrating a CMS like Joomla! or WordPress on your server and then download a template for that particular CMS. That is my advice :)

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What kind of template did you mean? Do you mean a design template which you can refer? Or something like Wordpress which has a CMS that you can easily apply to any template design?

To me it seems that your questions are the same :) I mean't that working with a CMS is much easier than what DW has to offer. Especially since you can create a whole other site by just applying a different theme. While DW's templates are a whole lot harder to make dynamical.

The thing is, the more these "simple" programs like wordpress and such are used...the less work we web designers will Besides, using DW isnt learning all the languages and scripts. DW is just a tool for writing and organizing them all. Just a thought.

Well, actually they would produce more job for web designers since the programs make the coding for you, not the design :)

lol true, but it also allows for novice do it your-selfers to create their own websites using premade templates. It's a catch 22 situation. Much like how prefab houses and buildings have hurt the contruction industry. Poor analogy I know, but it was the best I could think

The question is how much the "novice do it your-selfers" are willing to learn just to get a website running. I think that they rather hire a designer/coder to do the work for them - if it is a professional site they are creating, maybe not for a personal site though :P

and there are lots of free good web template designs in the internet.
it's easier to edit one of those. :D

or if you really want to start from scratch, photoshop combined with dreamweaver would be very helpful.

Thanks everyone, all info shall come in handy. :)

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