Not sure how to explain the issue so bare with me. I am trying to build a nav bar that has a logo on top with tabs underneath the logo. Each tab has a different color. I would like to create it so that as the cursor hovers over the individual tabs it also changes the background color of the logo to match the color of the tab on mouse over. Here is a jpeg example: and when the cursor hovers over the tab for say graduation this is what i would like to see: I have tried using other ideas mentioned in other threads but i cannot seem to get it right. Some of the issues i was having were things like it either stepped it out into 8 different images or it only changed the background behind the links without showing the entire logo. My knowledge of Java is very limited so i was trying to steer clear of Java as much as possible. Does anyone have any advice on how i might be able to pull this off?


My first thought would be to use a lightbox method...the "tabs" would actually be thumbnail/timy images and the logo area would be a larger image that appears on mouseover, then on mouseclick would go to the page you want.