Hi there guys,

I have a question to ask and wondered if you guys could help. We have a client who would like to update two of her pages on a web site we have designed for her, is there an easy way for her to do this using flat files and not using MYSQL? Any advice would be very welcome.
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It sounds like you want a Content Management System so every now and than your client can update the website. I would suggest http://www.cmsimple.org/

It is a non database driven cms with wysiwyg editor.

Hi there Frankey

Thank you for your feed back and advice, what i am looking for is something like this, that is FREE is possable or a one off fee. http://easywebcontent.com/index.shtml where the client can change the content on the webpage using the browser. Any further idea's.

Thank you so much for your help.

Have a good weekend.

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