I have created a pdf with links to a couple of websites, the links work fine if you open the pdf on a pc but if you open it on an iPhone or iPad the links don't work. I made sure the links have http://
Does anyone know a solution?

make a html from that pdf

I can't, it needs to be a pdf, my client wants a pdf that he can email to people

i have an ipod touch and i dont see any links in any pdfs :( sorry m8

Hmm just realised they don't work on Android either, this is worse than I thought!

try word doc

It can't be a Word doc or a html doc or any other kind of doc, it needs to be a pdf

How did you create the pdf, and how did you create the links? It might be that the only reason that you can click them on a pc, is that your pc app figured that it's a URI. It might help to explicitly tell the app you create them with it's one.
If you did that already, try a different way to create the pdf (another app, or export/convert from another format, et cetera).

I was afraid of that almostbob, but thanks for the example of a replacement, I guess that will be the way to go for now. Thank you

you cant guarantee the user will install a plugin other than the apple one
apple users, may be neo-luddites about other software
'the client(1*)' may have to go to a user friendly alternative, a html page, or other, to ensure the links are seen as links
for whatever reason those with authority decide, they have decided wrongly in this case
dependant on any third party addin, will probably fail

- properly written html travels well in email, works in page, in all devices

1* combine equal amounts of impossible, instantaneous, and angry, mix until 20 minutes before deadline, pour into mould, makes 1 client :)

@ almostbob : but linking isn't one of those limitation

almostbob, it has to be a pdf unfortunately and for once it isn't the client being awkward! It's some external thing where they have asked all the drivers to submit pdf's. I think for now he and I will accept it as a limitation and hope most people open it on a comp and not a phone! Thanks for your help

In that case good luck m8 ! :)

I'm not sure how this works, should I mark this as solved now? I don't think there is a resolution to this problem.

There is a pdf reader for the ipad

Also If you want it to be readable on the ipad/ ipod touch and iphone you can open the pdf with the 'pages' app

my ipad isn’t with me so I can't test this but I'm pretty confident that after I got this app I could open pdf links, sorry for the uncertainty

Thanks, I think that is the only solution but unfortunately I can't guarantee that people will have the pdf reader or download an app.

on the page with the pdf, perhaps a link to download the functioning app?
like those that link to acrobat reader where they have a pdf for pcs

on the page with the pdf, perhaps a link to download the functioning app?
like those that link to acrobat reader where they have a pdf for pcs

That would be lovely if I had control over the page but I don't unfortunately. I can do that for my client's own website but the pdf's have been requested by another site. It's a site about racing, my client is just one of the drivers featured on there, I can't dictate anything.

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