(sorry for the link, I just thought it might help if people could see the problem)

On the bottom of the page, the title of the "Who's Online" section uses the same background image as the category headers, but it tiles on 1024x768 (and others report that all the categories also tile on 1280x1024.) How can I make this stretch instead of tile with CSS?

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you can just do it with the table attributes, like find the table you want and <table height="w/e" width="w/e">

I don't need to change the table width, I just want to stretch the background image.

change the image attributes the same way like you would a table, like <img and then the attributes.

But I need this to also work for different resolutions, and on top of that, it's CSS and would be <td background=whatever> if it wasn't...

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