Hey guys, I'm new to Daniweb, and I am looking for help on designing a web page for my youth group. I have some knowledge to this web designing stuff. Can anyone give me some advice or some walk-throughs or even some help with
this? Any help would be appreciated. You can hit me up on AIM or reply back here. My screename is Artluo10.

Thanks Guys :lol:

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Well, the first thing to do is decide whether you want to use a WYSIWYG editor to design your site, or if you want to learn HTML and design it from scratch in Notepad or a regular ol' text editor. I'm assuming the former. I highly recommend Macromedia Dreamweaver MX as a great place to start.

if you have money to invest maybe you can buy one of the Template monster products.
you can customise it to your liking.
change the color font etc.
but the best would be to sit and decide on your own genuine design.
then try out either frontpage or dreamweaver
i am a web designer
if you need any help PM me

I would recommend using Dreamweaver -- it's quite easy to learn how to use and on the back end, writes pretty good HTML code. I'm not a big fan of FrontPage (at all!) simple because of the horrible code it writes in the background -- but I won't get into that here. :)

The template route is a good one to go - that way everything is already made for you. Do you have hosting and everything arranged? I can make some recommendations for places to host your site if you need that... just let me know.

Feel free to PM me with specific questions -- I'd be glad to help!

Good luck!

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