Quick question...

I have a site I'm working on: http://horizonheat.co.uk/home.html Excuse the cheesey design, it's the font that makes it look so bad. Customer is always right 'n' all.

But yeh, if you look at the mark up, in #content, I have 3 divs, one heading and two for content (Left & right).

But when I use the following code:

#content #left
	width: 69%;
	float: left;

#content #right
	width: 29%;
	float: right;

It seems to make the display of them go to jelly and the footer rides up... Any ideas?

I want one next to the other, the right one for images of the page etc...

By the way, I've not included that code on the page at the moment, as I want you to know what it's supposed to look like.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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Most browsers have default settings that include margin and padding. You should try to remove this by putting at the top of your CSS:

* {

I know that, but that doesn't relate to the problem?

I don't see any evidence of clearing the floats. If you don't clear the floats (adding a style="clear:both" to something or other) then the following elements will try to inherit those properties and break your page.

@Dandello. You're amazing, thanks!

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