Quick question...

I have a site I'm working on: http://horizonheat.co.uk/home.html Excuse the cheesey design, it's the font that makes it look so bad. Customer is always right 'n' all.

But yeh, if you look at the mark up, in #content, I have 3 divs, one heading and two for content (Left & right).

But when I use the following code:

#content #left
	width: 69%;
	float: left;

#content #right
	width: 29%;
	float: right;

It seems to make the display of them go to jelly and the footer rides up... Any ideas?

I want one next to the other, the right one for images of the page etc...

By the way, I've not included that code on the page at the moment, as I want you to know what it's supposed to look like.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Most browsers have default settings that include margin and padding. You should try to remove this by putting at the top of your CSS:

* {

I know that, but that doesn't relate to the problem?

I don't see any evidence of clearing the floats. If you don't clear the floats (adding a style="clear:both" to something or other) then the following elements will try to inherit those properties and break your page.

@Dandello. You're amazing, thanks!