Hello daniweb designers,

I'm a programmer who is working with a mockup for a site I'm building. No, correction, I am a JUNIOR programmer. And I've never worked from a mockup before. I'm doing this particular build on my own for work.

I've been able to get all parts of the file into working web page elements. The problem is that the original canvas size isn't sized for a website (I don't think...) It's 3333px x 2500px. And it doesn't size properly. I've tried changing the sizing in code but it skews the images which is obviously not going to work out.

When I try to change the canvas size, it crops out parts of my document and everything goes wrong.

As you can see, i know so little about photoshop that i don't even really know how to ask this. Basically i need to be able to rezise this file canvas in such a way to keep the image.. integrity but make it more workable for a standard site.

If that makes sense, does anyone know what I can do? Should I send this file back to the designers? Or is there a quick and dirty (idiot programmer, non-designer) way to fix this myself?

Thanks daniweb!


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Are you looking to resize the image to a realistic size? Is it a photoshop file? What format is it? That'll give you an idea of what you can do with it. jpegs are pigs to resize properly.

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If the photoshop mock up is designed with the 3333px x 2500px then the designer should change the design according to your web dimensions.

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