I am having trouble with my background in dreamweaver. I created a 800 x 800px web design in photoshop, optimized and imported into dreamweaver. Added a div tag and created a css style sheet which "wrapped around the selection (my 800 x 800px web page)" and everything previews beautifully in live view and when tested on the browsers EXCEPT one little thing... At the bottom, the last 200 px the background color did not wrap around that selection.

So what I am seeing is a seamless, continuous color from the background I added "wrapped around the selection" and the top 600 px of the webpage created. But at the bottom is looks like 3 columns with the 2 side columns white and only the center matching the color of my background.

Why is it doing this? And more importantly how can I fix this?

Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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No the site is not yet online. But any advice is greatly appreciated.

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