Hi, all --

I happened across this forum this aftrnoon when I was trying to find out a bit of html for whatever problem I was having, and it looked like a nice and friendly place, so I joined and bookmarked it, NOT expecting I'd need some help this evening.

Basically I'm trying to modify a canned sales page to fit the requirements of a Giveaway sales page. And I was sailing along just fine until I UNcentered the testimonials, and the beginning of the code is below (hope I did that right):

<table style="margin: 0 auto; width: 500px; margin 0 auto; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 153); text-align: left;" border="0" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0">
                  <tr align="center">
                    <td><strong><big>"A complete easy-to-use tool-kit
that allows beginners to profit out of the box. Higher profits, less
work, and very easy to do."</big></strong></td>   (etc.)

I just want to center the little box on the page, that's all.

I'm committed to learning as much about html as I need to be a successful (in time), NON-website-building internet marketer. That is, I don't want to be a web designer when I grow up, I just want to be able to be a little more self-sufficient than I am.

Tonight I'm on a deadline.

Any and all help greatly appreciated.


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<TABLE style="WIDTH: 500px" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=10 align=center border=0>
<TR align=middle>
<TD><STRONG>"A complete easy-to-use tool-kit # that allows beginners to profit out of the box. Higher profits, less work, and very easy to do."</STRONG></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

Thanks so much, fellow newbie. I haven't implemented it yet, but I will.


That's fine. All you need to remember is to add: align=center in the <table> line

I know this thread has been marked solved, but since you mentioned you eventually want to learn as much html as possible, you should really look into why tables for layouts are not a good idea. Some good resources can be found here and here.

Hope that helps.

Thank you, Teedoff. I'd already run across the notion that tables were bad coding (unless you had data to display), but these are good resources that explained much more.

However, no way in heck I'm gonna try to tear apart a canned sales page to make it all nice and proper. If I ever build one, I'll try to do it the right way -- all I want in the meantime is to be able to untangle the code just enough to make it do what *I* need.

AND, I was pretty glad I had learned enough about tables to be able to do this, all by myself:

Internet Marketing Giveaways

Unfortunately, my self-directed instruction in tables stopped short of how to center text within each cell, and when/if I have more time, I'll try to find the answer, tho if it involves adding it to each and every cell, that may be asking too much of me at the moment (I'm learning to get past enough of my perfectionism to actually get things DONE).

Thanks again. I've bookmarked these and a number of other pages and resources I encountered from these two sites.

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