Hi, guys.

I have an odd problem with internet explorer, that I cannot figure out how to solve it.

I have a dynamically generated page, that displays a gallery.
Basicly the structure is the following:

<div id='content'>
 <div id='thumbsHere' style="float: right, width: 740px;">
  HERE GETS GENERATED BY PHP THE THUMBS. Thumbs are just images with padding 10px, border 1 px, margin 5px;
<ul onclick="showHiddenMenu()" style="float: right; width: 200px;">
     <ul style="display: none;">

The odd thing here is that the H2 tag, although you can see in the source, does not display, until you select all items on the page, or, until you click on the submenu or something like this.

In FF and Opera there is no such problem.

Do you have any idea why is that?

Check it yourselves on

If you are not familiar with cyrillyc, the gallery is second link from right to left on the horizontal menu.

Will appreciate your help!

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Its working perfect in my Internet Explorer.....????if i have opened the correct link!!!

Thanks, Vishesh!

It seems that this problem occurs just on some IE, however, i cannot find a dependancy.
I have attached 2 pics here - one is how it renderes in FFox, the second is the IE rendered with a source view - so you can see it actually it is in the source.:?:

If anyone has any idea, please advise, as all seems OK.

Attachments FFrendered.jpg 52.68 KB IERendered.jpg 106.94 KB

I got it solved. Adding height: 1%; on the h2 made the trick, now renders ok in IE.


Glad you got it fixed. I was going to suggest using double quotes for your <div id="content">

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