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I am working on a web designs which can be seen at http://www.vtjazz.org/new-home-page/index.html. The layout looks the way we want it and is fine when the browser window is enlarged. However, if the window is made small than the content area things get strange. What I want to happen is for the content to push to the left side of the window when it is sized down like it does on this site http://www.webdesignerwall.com/ for example.

Your site and the one you refer to behave the same to me, and stays cool in all sizes.
May depend on browser though.

If you want any of the elements to align to the left at all times, just apply


to it in css.


I am working on a Mac and am getting the same odd results in Firefox and Safari. Can you tell me what browser(s) you view this in. Thanks!


Try setting a min-width rule to your content style. I did notice your content was breaking out of the area to the right as I shrunk my browser window down.

#content{min-width: 400px;}

or whatever your content div is(ID or class) and then adjust the 400px to your needs.

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