i have teh problem when i copy huge sections of text into Dreamweaver, DreamWeaver has no margins..so what happens is that it stretches the page width, resulting in a wide page of text.

what i want to do is to break each line before it crosses the page.



That line goes through the margine, which creates a wide page.

how can i case it to be like this..:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa |

Note i used <pre> and <br/>
but the text is so long, it takes me so much time to put a <br/> command in 100s of lines..

is there a quick way to align the text?

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well put it in a div with fix with!

<div class="text"> your text....</div>

and in CSS use:

<style type="text/css"> .text{width:500px}</style>

or whatever width suits you


i tried doing this to wrap my raw copied text:

<pre><div class="text">


it didnt work


Well put your html and css here to see and avoid your huge text just name it's location!


umm from where are you copying this text? You know text from most any source comes with its on formatting and therefore would need to be cleaned up(stripped) of its formatting. DW has a tool to do that as well.


i copy and paste it from word 2007. but word has got the whole thing neat and tidy..

once i paste to dreamweaver.. it is a mess


Yes thats because word puts its own formatting in the text behind the scenes. In DW, highlight the text you copied from Word, then go to Commands in the top toolbar. Then go down to Clean Up Word HTML. Then click ok...you can see all the formatting this tool will remove.

I assume you're pasting the text inside <p></p> tags as well.


If you copy anything at all from a word doc, you must MUST MUST paste it into something like notepad (Or any decent text editor, which little old notepad is definitely not), the copy it from there into dreamweaver or any other program you happen to use.

This will dump all the dreadful word styles and formatting that will break your web page.

you can not copy from a word processor and get whatever styles you see there to work properly in a web page.

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