I am pretty new on CSS and wanted to know when it is the right time to use a # before the name eg. #footer . Also while I am here please could someone tell me how to make text rap in a div tag.

Thanks for your help.

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The pound sign (#) denotes a reference to an id, and the period (.) refers to a class:

#footer { background-color: lime; }
.indent { margin: 0px 20px 0px 20px; }

<div id="footer">...</div>
<div class="indent">...</div>

And, since multiple items cannot have the same id, you would typically use a class for styles that you wish to apply to several items.

Text in a DIV will automatically wrap.

Thanks for the great responses. Say if for some reason my text is wrapping in a div or table, how could I stop it.

It depends. There are a some CSS declarations for you to research:

First look at the 'overflow' properties, particularly overflow: scroll .If you're using tables, look at white-space: nowrap and also the min-width property.

I have looked at a couple of those and they have help, thanks. I am really getting into this css thing, it very easy (with the right help) to get exactly what you want. Thanks guys.

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if you r a new to css goto www.w3schools.com. they have got a good and complete tutorial on css

No, I'm not new and I can do everything with css I have ever wanted to. My new site photoshopthis should prove this. It will be up online on the 1st novemeber.

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then y u said u r pretty new.

Not any more! I have done alot with css since then and as they say practise makes perfect.

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thats good...

excuse me?

He means that it is good you think that practice makes a man perfect. Dont get him wrong, he is just trying to help you out.

Closing this thread, since the question was answered and we're spiraling into pointless misunderstandings. This is just a housekeeping measure and doesn't imply that anyone said or did anything wrong. Cheers!

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