i had developed the site http://www.wooadvertising.in/ . this is the horizontal scrolling website. normaly the website is work properly but when i resize the window all the content in the site mixedup.. what i do to solve this problem.. plz check this site by resizing the window. can any one help me to solve this problem???

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The site does not display the same accross platforms. In IE it is also messed-up. I see that when you resize, there are scroll bars. You might want to change the script to remove those, and see what happens.


It's a jQuery error that is returning a width of 0 for your division with the id "mask". The error is in this line of code var val = targ[pos]; . The JavaScript file is jquery.scrollTo.js - here is the full if else statement with the error.

if( settings.over[pos] )
                        // Scroll to a fraction of its width/height
                        attr[key] += targ[axis=='x'?'width':'height']() * settings.over[pos];
                    var val = targ[pos];
                    // Handle percentage values
                    attr[key] = val.slice && val.slice(-1) == '%' ? 
                        parseFloat(val) / 100 * max
                        : val;

I do not know jQuery, but I'm sure someone in the JavaScript section of the forums can help you.

Regards, Arkinder

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