i had developed the site http://www.wooadvertising.in/ . this is the horizontal scrolling website. normaly the website is work properly but when i resize the window all the content in the site mixedup.. what i do to solve this problem.. plz check this site by resizing the window. can any one help me to solve this problem???


The site does not display the same accross platforms. In IE it is also messed-up. I see that when you resize, there are scroll bars. You might want to change the script to remove those, and see what happens.

Accidental post - will correct in a moment.

It's a jQuery error that is returning a width of 0 for your division with the id "mask". The error is in this line of code var val = targ[pos]; . The JavaScript file is jquery.scrollTo.js - here is the full if else statement with the error.

if( settings.over[pos] )
                        // Scroll to a fraction of its width/height
                        attr[key] += targ[axis=='x'?'width':'height']() * settings.over[pos];
                    var val = targ[pos];
                    // Handle percentage values
                    attr[key] = val.slice && val.slice(-1) == '%' ? 
                        parseFloat(val) / 100 * max
                        : val;

I do not know jQuery, but I'm sure someone in the JavaScript section of the forums can help you.

Regards, Arkinder