I'm testing something on an old version of netscape, specifically 4.7. Everythings fine except for my javscript function doesn't work because it says getElementById is not a function:

document.getElementById('ncp').src = "ncp" + pictureNum + ".jpg";

I've got many more of these type lines but it works fine in IE and FF. Is there something I can do to make this compatible with netscape browsers?

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You'll have to navigate the hierarchy. For example, use the document.images collection.

I made the decision long ago that I simply wasn't going to worry myself, or add huge development overhead, to supporting old browers, particularly for corporate development projects and/or sites. Use a strict DOCTYPE, code to that standard, cut down on the fancy stuff, and use server-side code as much as possible.


I just decided to scrap the idea. I couldn't get anything to work without changing a bunch of code. I think to really get it to work you have to use layers with netscape, but it's just not worth it.

Thanks for the help!


Netscape 6+ supports getElementById.
If you require support for Netscape 4 (about 1 visitor in 500 or less now) then you need to use document.layers instead just for those visitors and use getElementById for everyone else.


document.getElementById("supplier_no").value = values_array[0];

java script: some times i get error as getElementById is invalid function or returns null. It works perfect in IE but not in Firefox. what is the reason...

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