Im having some trouble getting something working on my website.

Basically i created the template in photoshop, sliced it and exported.

i have the main content of my page in the middle, and ive set 2 table cells on the side by the bottom of my content which should expand when there is more text than in the template. ive set the background of the 2 cells to repeat the image.

This displays fine in chrome and opera, but when displayed in internet explorer and firefox, it messes up the layouts of everything!

i tried inserting a div into the table cell and tried it that way but it doesnt work either.

Heres a link to the layout in dreamweaver: http://www.music-xcellence.co.uk/new/table.jpg
i have highlighted the 2 cells that i want to expand (in this example they have divs in them with a background)

here's a link to the website where it is uploaded: www.music-xcellence.co.uk/new

any help at all would be much appreciated as i am pulling my hair out trying to work this out!!

You should never use tables for layout. It was a method thought up in 1996 when there were no better ways to accomplish design - as you can see it's not very effective. There is a better way now, CSS.

Regards, Arkinder