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When I set width and height properties in the <iframe> tag, it sets the width and height respectively, however, the "src" page inside the iframe is still small and has a scroll bar. Is there a way to set the src to be equal to the iframe dimensions?


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No, the iframe is displaying another web page. Unless you have access to that page, in which case you would have to make the page fit within the iframe - the iframe has a width and height of 500px, then the actual page itself has to be within 500px.

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you can set the height and width values to 100% and it will show the page the same size as if you were on the site, or if you just want to get rid of the scroll bars you can use:

<iframe src="page_whatever.html" title="anything" scrolling="no">

also, you can remove the border with

<iframe src="page_whatever.html" title="anything" scrolling="no" frameborder="0">
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