I'm working this project, where I must first slice and then code a website (with HTML and CSS). The problem is, I don't really know how to code it.

Click here, to view the website's layout.

If you can help me, then please reply to this post.

Thank you,

What parts of coding it are you having issues with? More info about what is giving you issues would be helpful. If you are having issues with just figuring out where to start then this is what I normally do. I look at the page and determine which area/zones can be contained together and block them off, by setting up divs for them. For instance a possible basic html div set up could be this:

<div id='pageContainer'>
   <div id='header'> <!-- put business name/logo and info here --></div>
   <div id='pageTabs'></div>
   <div id='imageQueue'></div>
   <div id='adWrapper'>
      <div id='addLeftWrap'>
         <div id='addLeftTop'></div>
         <div id='addLeftBottom'></div>
      <div id='addMiddle'></div>
      <div id='addRight'>
         <div id='addRightTop'></div>
         <div id='addRightBottom'></div>
   <div id='descriptionWrap'></div>
   <div id='guarenteeWrap'></div>
   <div id='footer'></div>

Please note that there are tons of different ways to set up this page and that the above is probably even more than what would be necessary for the page layout but it is an example of how to block out the content in a way to get the layout in the provided image. Once you have your idea of how your page will be blocked then you can work on each of those blocks like modules and get each one separately working right and then piece the whole thing together. I wasn't certain exactly what to name each of the divs in the example above but you should be able to figure out what I had intended if you start at the top of the image/code and work your way down.

If you problem is HTML/CSS themselves then you should either give us specific questions or just check out some of the many tutorials on the web on the topic.

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