I have created this website: http://www.millionpoundshomepage.com. I created a grid which i then placed on the page using
css however i have no experience with "css" and would greatly appreciste it if someone could help me solve the problem which is?

when i view the page on my home computer the grid fills up the whole page and when i view it on another computer the grid is centered,
someone told me that it had something to do with the browser however this is not the case as i have already been down that road!

please help me correct my problem

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The grid is in a frame, so it can't fill up "the entire page". It will be framed. The parent page has no doctype. The frame page has an incomplete doctype. You can't resolve CSS and cross-browser issues until you first specify a proper and complete doctype.

I did not understand what you meant and i dont have a clue what the script is doing i just got it from another site. you said that it was in a frame, can you help me make the frame the page size please?

Absolutely not. If you want to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I will gladly help. We'll use the forum to do so. If you want to copy scripts, not understand them, and have people email you the "fixes", you're in the wrong spot!

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