I made a website and embedded a flash gallery to display images.
In dreamweaver, to flash gallery shows up perfectly fine and beautiful. However, in any browser, it does not. Does not matter if the file is local or on a server, either.
It is however (discovered through firebug) downloading the *.swf file but for some reason, it wont display it.
for reference, the website is:

I hope some of you guys might know what is wrong.
thank you for your time!

yours sincerely,

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What's the URL of the gallery? Check if you've uploaded a copy of the folder "Scripts" onto your webserver. CS3 automatically create this folder/file to display Flash elements. This may be why it views ok locally (because they've automatically created it for you), but not online because you haven't copied it across.


thanks for your reply. in fact, i had the folder uploaded and managed to narrow the error down to swfobject_modified.js.

Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot convert 'getElementById(id).style' to object

Error thrown at line 484, column 3 in setVisibility(id, isVisible) in http://nimar-blume.de/galleries/landscape_g/Scripts/swfobject_modified.js:
    getElementById(id).style.visibility = v;
called from line 205, column 6 in main() in http://nimar-blume.de/galleries/landscape_g/Scripts/swfobject_modified.js:
    setVisibility(id, true);

the said function is:

function setVisibility(id, isVisible) {
  var v = isVisible ? "inherit" : "hidden";
  if (isDomLoaded) {
   getElementById(id).style.visibility = v;
  else {
   createCSS("#" + id, "visibility:" + v);

upon deleting the said js file from the server, i see the flash object. however, it does not resize properly, it should be at 100% (set in the <obect> tag from the flash object) and then altered to have a max height of 100%-140px with css.

i hope that may help identifying the problem, as i a´m still clueless.

thank you for your time

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