How to create a transparent png or gif file? on photoshop? if yes, can you explain how?

I create 1x1 transparent png/gif file and put it on the box background with y and x repeat, right? is this the idea of transparent backgrounds?

Thnx in advance

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PNG transparency isn't supported well (i read somewhere that some browsers doesn't support it - opera i think). I guess you try to make transparent background - try RGBA, new in CSS3 - I think that browser support is good now. RGBA def.:

/* standard color without transparency */
background-color: rgb(0, 0, 0);
/* browsers that support rgba will overwrite the first rule - transparency is set in percents divided by 100: 92% == 0.92 */  
background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.9);

I know in Photoshop when you save for web and devices on the top right you can choose to save as png and it has no background

if you want transparent pics always save as PNG file in Photoshop

To save a transparent PNG in photoshop, your image first must be edited to delete the background layer (i.e. the area you want to be transparent). Then use the 'File > Save for Web' option, select PNG-24 as the file type and it will save with transparency.

Whatever you do, don't use 1x1 pixel as your PNG size. I did this and Dreamweaver cs5 was tanking.

Every time I tried to even place the cursor in the text, the program would become non-resonsive because it was trying to redrawn the transparent area 1x1 pixel at a time.

Adobe support didn't even know what the problem was. Use as large a tile your smallest column. I used 200x200 and the file was only 0.25 kb.


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