Hey, i recently took a HTML course in high school, and i like it a lot and im starting to create my own websites on my own time, but ive ran into a pretty important (well i think its important) part of my website is the layout like how do i get images where i want them links where i want them?

ive been searching the internet been trying a lot of sites like
they helped me for some things but now how to customize my own layout
i cannot find a good website to help me create and custumize my own layout

i dont have dreamweaver or any of thoes exspensive programs, i have paint.net for editing and notepad and programmers pad idk if thats the best choice but i cant pull out hundreds of dollars for dreamweaver and all that

if someone could help me with this, it would be very appreciated :)

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You can use floats, margins, and padding (along with vertical-align).

Also, post some code and people will give you pointers/hints.


As far as text-editors, you can download 'notepad++', it's free and quite awesome...


HTML is only the structure of a web page. CSS is used to style the structure. A layout, is simply HTML elements being styled by CSS.

Some places to check out:

HTML Dog - For HTML and CSS

Google Code University - For HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript

Mozilla's Doc Center - For HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Any questions? Feel free to post here in the forums.


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