I have an image on top of my logo image, used for login purposes in my index.html page.

The logo code works perfect in loading my index.html page when clicked on. The code -

<div id="Logo">
    <div id="lmenu5">
    <a href="Login.php"><img src="Images/Top Menu/Login.png" alt="Login or register." name="Login" width="130" height="43" id="Login" title="Login or register as a member." /></a></div>
    <div id="lmenu4"><img src="Images/Top Menu/Profile.png" alt="View your member profile." name="Profile" width="130" height="43" id="Profile" title="View your member profile and reports." /></div>
    <div id="lmenu3"><img src="Images/Top Menu/SearchAll.png" alt="Search all categories and members." name="SearchAll" width="130" height="43" id="SearchAll" title="Search all categories and members." /></div>
    <div id="lmenu2"><img src="Images/Top Menu/Faq.png" alt="View our frequently asked questions." name="FAQ" width="130" height="43" id="FAQ" title="View our frequently asked questions and member replies." /></div>
    <div id="lmenu1"><img src="Images/Top Menu/How.png" alt="View our how to tutorials." name="HowTo" width="130" height="43" id="HowTo" title="View our How To tutorials." /></div>
  <a href="AboutUs.html"><img src="Images/Logo/Logo.png" width="968" height="150" alt="Bid 4 anything Logo" /></a></div>

The same code is used when clicked on Login, it does not however load the php page.

Any ideas?

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Works fine for me when I tested it on my local machine here. When you say it doesn't load, what exactly does it do? Nothing? Error page?

commented: For the "magic" of coding... +6

When I ran it via my server last night, it worked fine. It was in the testing environment in DW that it did not want to load. Seems all fixed now, "magically". I hate it when that happens.

Thanks anyway for replying, some kudos for you.;)

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