I am new here, and fairly new to web design. I recently developed my site using Dreamweaver CS3 and am having a problem with the drop down menu, when viewed in IE7it pops up way at the top of the page, (and isn't even centered). It works correclty in Netscape and Firefox, but in Internet Explorer it pops up. Anyone have a fix for this, keeping in mind that I know virtualy nothing about code, I just use the design mode for most of what I do. Does this seem to be a common problem with Dreamweaver? I used the spry menu for the drop down menu. The site is here


Help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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I figured out the problem. By doing some trial and error I fixed it. Just so you will all know what the problem was, incase anyone runs into the same problem. In dreamweaver, in the spry menu, I had the text inside the buttons centered. Well as soon as you add text align to the text in the buttons, IE7 will make the sub menus jump to the top of the page. As soon as I took the text alignment off, the sub menus drop down just like they are suppose to. So the fix is an easy one, do not use text alignment in the buttons with sub menus.

Thank you

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